Gra Nomad Wanderings

Tuesday, August 01, 2017


 Well, I'm afraid you had to be there! It's OK to read the book or even view the movie.... but in this case, NO, definitely not, you HAD TO BE THERE!

 Of course Terrific Tom (without his lovely wife) was fair game - poor bugger! I thought they mighta picked on me for a minute!

 However, Ethel and Mavis really delivered and especially did they deliver for Tom! I hope he's OK. Wonder if he got home OK.

 Trance-like? Yes. At peace? They sure were! Thanks to Ethel and Mavis, the rest of us were given some .... therapy. These 2 ladies - Bails and Helen S, sure look relaxed!

As well as THIS treatment, there was also the BOCCE or sort of lawn bowls activity, Rob Hughes with his poems, Bruce Lucas with the piano sing-a-long (we just loved it mate), the magnificent tucker thanks to Sue and Gerd (UNBELIEVABLE) and of course the usual bonfire! 
Marion - we owe you a huge thank you. Huge. The teamwork where everybody brings a bit and tries to eat and drink a bit seems to work well. Of course some don't pull their weight which obviously means some even have to "play" harder than they'd expected to "play".
Great to see Colleen Cureton join us after the extremely sad loss just last month, when Bob died suddenly while they were in Portugal. We all miss him deeply.
Not sure whether Cyn over in Perth will read this - but it's really for her. A fair few of the mob here have nearly become illiterate due to increasing age! Sorry Graham & Janet Wright couldn't make it. There were a few notable absences, but John Cass, Judith Dark, Bob Sim and Gerard Say helped strengthen the numbers.

Next action will be in Wagga where umpteen folk from WWTC will gather to celebrate ..... something. If you want to join the fun there on the w/e of 27, 28 & 29 October, phone Lesley on 02 4322 5650 or email her on - thanks.

Yes, Sir Les whatever his name is, visited us on one occasion. 

Now where was this photo taken and when? Not this year!!