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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Well, did we really need a Peugeot 307 station wagon? The three vehicles we rented previously, Ford Focus (US), Fiat Punto (Eng), VW Golf (Ireland), were all smaller and all did the job. (Fay reminds me that the Punto was quite small and as a result the Banana Split stayed in his suitcases!)
This vehicle looks really smart. Sharp! Cool! Wicked! This is only day 2 of a 43 day lease. I feel I'll be learning about it for the next .... well, for a number of days.
Obviously I learnt reverse when we collected it at Rennes. It had 12 km on the clock. Lovely silver extreior with a matching dark grey upholstery and NO floor mats! Ordinarily we would never drive a new vehicle out of a showroom without floor mats. We also learnt various seat controls and what we could fit in which cubbyholes - and there are some.
Today I learnt about the speed limiter. Bill, Alpal, SJ and Nat would get a buzz outa this one. I set the speed limiter at 75 kph and accelerated so I could hear it beep when I exceeded 75. Wait for it... it NEVER went above 75! It really is a LIMITER. That'd be good when your kids wanted to borrow Dad's car. In Oz we have a slightly similar setup, except that when you set it for say 75, it beeps to let you know when you have exceeded the speed you had set.
The book telling you what everything is for is in FRENCH! Beauty! That's a lotta help. C'est un gros assistance!
It's a 1.6 Litre diesel, 5 speed manual. It has a lovely smooth gearbox and engine combo and it pokes along quite smartly thank you very much. And accelerates well!
While I don't think it has climate control exactly, I can set my side to 18 and Fay's to 20 etc. Maybe that is climate control. It also tells me outside temp. Unfortunately I can't find TODAY FM (from Ireland or Oz) so all radio is in a foreign tongue.
Our 4 suitcases fit comfortably on the rear seat leaving rear floor room for day packs and food box and the boot or trunk area of the station wagon for the folded BS (tandem bike.)
Neat slideout trays under the front seat too! Do they have them on the Statesman yet Al? They're not in the Silverado from memory.
Well, as the days go on, I'll let you know other things we learn about this beautiful silver Pug. Can you think of a good name for it?


At 9:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Though I am not in the market for a car presently, you may have sold me on the one you are now enjoying.
I hope the good folks at Peugeot get wind of this rousing report and compensate you well ;)


At 1:40 AM, Blogger julie said...

How bout DreamChaser... since it's silver like a cloud?
(I won't be offended if you don't like it.)


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