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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Photos show everyone at Christmas dinner (well, one side of the table anyway!) and Wizard of Oz and GI Joe at the Fancy Dress parade. Bobby (red shirt) was MC and Davo the entertainer (as usual) dressed as the Yellow Wiggle. Everybaby in orange and then me holding grandson Logan Jack... nearly 3 months old now.
We are relaxing at Cudmirrah down the south coast of NSW. It is beautiful here, although it’s not been swimming weather. Pretty wet actually. We’re just over 2 hours south of Sydney.
It was great having a bunch of people here over Christmas period including Fay’s sister Cher and her man David from Cairns (a long way north), all 3 of our kids plus Peta’s Jon and Deb’s Brendan and baby Logan Jack. We also had friends of Jeremy’s from Sydney – Bobby, Nike, Hugho, Deanna and Valentina. (They “represent” NZ, Malaysia and Colombia). How great is it to share Christmas dinner with people from all over the world!
Now we have Servas mates Colin and Jeanette from Mt Gambier (South Australia’s second largest city they assure me – almost 30,000 population). They’ve escaped the hustle and bustle of Sydney along with grandchildren sitting duties. (We’re learning from them!)
On New Year’s eve, a couple of sleeps ago, there was the annual fancy dress parade here at our campground. It’s been happening for umpteen years and the 20+ year olds who dress their kids up remember the parade when they were little whipper snappers. Guess who got asked to be judges this time? Fay and I! So, along with 2 other campers, Fay and I judged who was 1st, 2nd, 3rd and encouragement for under fives and over fives. Great fun.
The outfits were fabulous. Tough for the judges. Davo and Bobby H entertained the crowd – as usual. Once again Davo thrilled the crowd with his singing. Songs like Mickey Mouse, We’re Happy Little Vegemites etc. (Even my 30 yr old daughter can still sing this.)
We’re off to Sydney for a couple of days to help Deb and Bren shift house (Newtown to Mortdale) and then we’ll head back here. Hopefully weather will improve. (Only been surfing once so far.)
This is a great time to watch tennis and cricket. Been watching my darling Alicia Molik and the Poo in the Hopman Cup (tennis in Perth) and also the Ashes cricket between Aust and England. Up the Aussies! The boys are after their 5th win in a row to make it a 5-0 Ashes victory for the summer. It'll be the last test for McGrath, Warne and Langer who all retire from test cricket after this. You will be missed boys.
Big cheerio to Fabio from Sao Paulo in Brazil. He’s in town (heading Melbourne as we speak) and we expect to catch up with him when he’s in Sydney in a couple of weeks’ time. I’ve gotta speak proper English in case Fabio’s still reading. (You can leave a comment you know Fabio.)
Hope our grand dog Dinah is OK after getting a tick while she was down here.
Hey, our grandson Logan Jack sure is a cool bloke! Nearly 3 months old now. Hope you have a really happy 2007.
I do have a summary of the 06 Trip if you'd like a copy. Just send me an email requesting it. It's called Epistle 2006.
Thanks for having a look at the Granomad site.


At 1:30 AM, Blogger julie said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! The costumes are great! I like the Wizard of Oz gang best, but I didn't get to see the performances of the others.

We so enjoyed the Epistle.

Happy New Year!

At 8:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that it is tantamount to child abuse to dress Logan up as everybaby when he has no say in the matter!

Sarah Jane


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