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Monday, September 28, 2009


Here I am with wife Fay and daughter Deb after we'd done the Sydney Spring Cycle. Deb towed Logan (also in photo) and Owen (unavailable) in the chariot.... ALL THE WAY! We did about 46 km. Free train travel was available to get to the starting point and to get home after we'd made it to the Olympic Site.

Experience the thrill of riding over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, [the advertising went on] pedalling through some of Sydney’s most beautiful scenery, and then celebrating your ride in festive style at Sydney Olympic Park… The City of Sydney Spring Cycle is Sydney’s most popular annual recreational cycling event where thousands of cyclists of all ages and abilities join together to enjoy a Sunday cycle through some of the most picturesque surroundings of the city. You can enjoy a fun bike ride while raising money for MS Australia and the Oncology Children’s Foundation – the event beneficiary charities!
Pretty cool going over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Only allowed to ride on the bridge on occasions like this, otherwise you have to ride on the separate bike "path".

While train travel was free for entrants, the carriages were a bit congested. You can just make out Fay, Deb and Logan.

Hope they found their own bikes when it came time to get off!

These two guys were quite happy to get home at about 1:30 pm. They were initially put into the chariot at 5:30 am!!!! Of course they got a few opportunities to have a romp during the day.

Looks good..... but at the end of the day we averaged a paltry 12+ kph!!

This was one of about 4 possible routes. Congrats to the organizers. Well done indeed.
$85 if you'd like one.



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