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Friday, August 19, 2005

Username and Password

I wonder how my parents would have managed if they were alive today when it comes to handling usernames and passwords. I seem to need such things for access to just about everything except climbing into the marital bed at night. If my wife ever twigs and introduces it there, I'll be locked out for sure! It seems I have usernames and passwords for so many things. I'm sure nobody is as good as me at forgetting such trivial but essential security details. This week I used up a heap of Rodney Olsen's time as together we tried to get into THIS BLOGSITE! So, now Rodney knows the names of my wife, children, their pets, my in-laws, and every car I've owned for the past 18 years! Congrats to Rodney for helping crack the code. Now if I ever need to know it again, I'll just ring up that bloke at - was it Robert? Or Roger? Or Ronald? Now, where's his business card? I know my Mum, Willie, would have had heaps of trouble remembering her username and passwords if she was alive today.... so guess who I take after? Does anyone else out there have a similar problem?


At 10:52 PM, Blogger - Laezr - said...

We all do.
I do however think that there is a certain paranoia surrounding it, which increases the whole, "I've got to think of something that nobody will ever guess" mentality.
My biggest tip for passwords, keep it simple for things that don't matter too much, and keep it personal for the ones that do.

At 2:58 PM, Blogger Leo said...

I've also found it helpful to use a program such as Password Safe or KeePSafe ( )


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