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Sunday, October 01, 2006


[Written 30 Sept 2006]

Today's been a busy day. Only travelled 27 km but we've achieved quite a bit.

1 We woke in this beautiful place where there is a great hostel. We decided to stay an extra night so we paid the €25 (25 Euros). We had a lovely room - 2 single beds, private bathroom, secure, 3rd floor, very modern.

2 Put Banana Split (tandem bike) together - 50 mins. Pumped up tyres, adjusted brakes and gears. First time since Ireland.

3 Went for short ride, but spits of rain sent us back to the hostel. We decided to drive! (We are fine weather cyclists!)

4 Drove to le port de......... (forgotten).... near Cancale. This is Brittany - NW France. We found a beach, a harbour, heaps of boats and countless restaurants... all open and ready for business. Most specializing in seafood.

5 Phoned my sister Marg in Sydney, Australia and asked her to see if she could find Henrik and Hanna's email and road address. It should be in my computer I left at your place Marg!

6 Ate lunch looking out over the water (with our backs to the fancy restaurants). We had bread and honey and an apple and water. (Big lunch eh?)

7 Explored some more of Cancale from clifftops taking some beautiful photos.

8 All the time we could see Mont St Michael in the distance. Tomorrow we will visit you!

9 Back at the hostel we spent 1.5 hrs planning the next phase while looking out over the water.

10 Went to a youth centre and accessed internet. Received and sent emails, checked phone card, added some story to Got an email from Margaret telling me Henrik and Hanna's address and phone number in Denmark. Great work! Thanks Marg.

11 Then walked to telephone booth but found we needed some area codes, so, back to the "house of internet" for extra information.

12 Back to the phone booth (walking) and rang a Servas host (Frank and Claud and baby Les Lou) near Amiens in Picardy, France - eastern France. Yes, we would love to have you come for a visit!

13 Phoned Henrik and Hanna in Denmark and spoke with their daughter Camille. Do you remember me, Camille? She said Yes, you are welcome to come!

14 On the way back to the hostel, we drove out to the point to see the sun set. Beautiful! I thought I should be a bit romantic seeing we are in France!

15 Drove to hostel, folded Banana Split and put him in the trunck/boot/rear of 307 station wagon. Easy!

16 Into the kitchen at the hostel. Fay cooked dinner. I poured the wine. We've achieved quite a lot today. Tomorrow we will drive about 500 km as well as visit Mont St Michael and some other places. Then we will stay with Claud and Frank.

Today's costs (in Euros):
€13.25 food
€2.50 parking
€2.05 internet
€25.00 accomm.

A beaut day. Thank you Lord.


At 8:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just in case you didn't check it out, Sydney Swans lost the AFL grand final to the West Coast Eagles by ONE POINT (85 to 84). Brisbane Broncos beat Melbourne Storm in the NRL.

Still no baby...

Love Deb

PS Did (do?) you have an etching of Mont St Michael that used to hang near the front door at Cooma?

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Yes Deb, but that is MSM in Cornwall England. That "etching" now hangs in our toilet in Cooma.
Thanks for the updates on sport too. Didnt know that.
Now near Osnabrück in northern Germany.

At 4:33 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

I mean our toilet in DUBBO! Oops.


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