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Saturday, January 06, 2007


More cricket watching (5th and final test) and more tennis watching (Hopman Cup, NSW Open, Australian Open). It’s January.
Some surfing, even though the weather has not been real hot. I figure if Bro Bill was here he’d be surfing, so seeing he’s still on Vancouver Island (as far as I know), I had a swim today. Servas friends from Mt Gambier in South Australia (Colin the comic and his lovely wife Jeanette) staying with us, had a couple of swims today too before heading off north towards Sydney. Also neat to have my annoying daughter, her husband Brendan and their son, Logan Jack spend some time with us here at the Retreat (beach house.) I call Debbie my annoying daughter as she’s just picked me up on my typing style. Well, actually what she wants me to do is have 2 spaces after a full stop. Or should that be fullstop? Marg will set us straight for sure. Please help me – are you a 1 space or 2 spaces after a fullstop person?
We are all here recovering after helping Deb/Bren move house from Newtown to Mortdale (Sydney). Brendan has been appointed to Christchurch, Mortdale. It’ll be his first church and he’ll be working with a great guy, David Wallace. He’s so looking forward to it. He starts 15 January. Meanwhile it’s pretty neat having our little grandson Logan Jack spend some time with us.
Was also fantastic to have Bernie and Janice (ex WWTC) drop in today and spend some time with us before heading north to the Gong. (They’re the ones who’ve been babysitting Collin, our Burley tandem bike while we’ve been away last year.)
I’ve got a small problem; Deb & Bren gave me a book for Christmas. The book is GLENN McGRATH’S BARBECUE COOKBOOKBarbecue with the Master. Now she wants me to cook a meal from it! Think I need to consult Kerry O’Keefe about this. Surely he’ll back me. I’ll keep you posted. It does look like a great book.
That brings me to the Ashes. If you’re from US don’t ask me about why it’s called the Ashes… too long a story. It’s about Australia and England playing test cricket. Today was the final of the five test series and Australia won it five-nil! A whitewash. First time for 86 years. It was also a farewell match for Justin Langer, Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath. They have all been great Aussie cricketers for over ten years and have all played over 100 tests each. Great to see Warnie score 70 runs in our second dig, McGrath get about 5 wickets and Langer be with Haydos as they scored the winning runs without losing a wicket. They will be missed, along with Damien Martyn who pulled the pin after the third test.
Better go have a read of my BBQ cookbook while Fay does her cross-stitch. She started it about 3 or 4 years ago. Does that mean I can have a few extra years before I cook something from the Barbecue with the Master book?


At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Marg said...

I'm pleased to see that Deb has inherited one of my most endearing characteristics - annoying you!

Deb, I have about twenty years up on you here, so your annoyingness is going to have to move up a notch or two to catch me up.


At 1:59 PM, Anonymous peta said...

i'm a 1 spacer dad, 2 spaces is sooooooo 2006


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