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Sunday, May 11, 2008


We had a great time in Busselton with the Avans (222 of them). This is the famous Busso jetty - over 2 km in length with an interesting history. Think the shot came out OK.

The Margaret River area is very pretty with many lovely camera spots. This was just one of them - Canal Rocks. Very pretty. We perched ourselves out on some rocks to take a bunch of photos.

Here are a couple of pretty ones in Perth! What lovely girls Eliza and Matilda are. They live over here WA. We even named our Avan after Matilda!!! (Thanks for the lovely luncheon G & R.)

Enjoyed our time in "Kingston Town" and have now made it to Pritchard Country. (They live in Perth suburbs.) Thanks Kingstons for our stay there. Please look after Matilda! Beaut dinner at Pancakes place Fri night. Thanks for that.
Can you tell from the photo above that Wendy and Emily are mother and daughter? This was taken on Mothers' Day.
Our sched this week includes a visit to New Norcia Monday with Wendy and the Chivers team and then maybe we'll head to Rotterdam.... I mean Rottnest Island on Thursday. We're gonna have a busy time I can see that. Oh, I forgot.... BBQ at Kings Park on Wed with Cyn, Kommer, and maybe Otterman family. Let me know if you want to join us at Kings Park. I'll wear a white shirt so you can pick me out of the crowd!!

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