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Friday, April 18, 2008

TRIP TO WA - Cobar & B Hill

16 Apr
Don't know how but we got away! (Turbo diesel Pajero towing the Avan - Matilda.)
Trip to Cobar was uneventful. Saw an emu (Fay is the greatest spotter of emus) and heaps a dead roos. Got away at noon (goal was 11 am!) Arrived Cobar (town of 4WDs and young blokes who work at the mines) at 4 pm. Booked into the Cobar Caravan Park for $23 (cash price!) We'd travelled 298 km.

17 Apr
Headed off at 9:30 am for Broken Hill. Fay had giant sleep overnight and felt much better. (Yesterday she was aching all over - arthritis.) She had a short drive yesterday and again today. She's a different girl now with a good kip under her belt.
15 degrees when I got up this morning and 19 when we left town. Most of the day was about 22 - 24. Very pleasant.
Today heaps of goats. Heaps! Vegetation quite different - a lot of scrubby shrubs with some sections of small trees. Occasionally some bigger trees. Always the RED EARTH! Heaps of road trains and quite a few dead roos. Saw a wedge-tailed eagle and one bunch of 14 emus close to the road. Average speed today (towing the Avan) 85 - 89 kph. We'd travelled 448 km.

18 Apr
Rest day in Broken Hill. We cycled on the Banana Split (tandem) to Silverton and back - total 54 km. Pity it was against the wind on the way back. Also filled the Pajero with diesel 65 L @ $1.599 which is cheaper than in Dubbo. How's that? Saw a dozen or so wild horses on the ride. Enjoyed a cuppa and a muffin from The Broken Earth Cafe and Restaurant perched high above the town on the SE edge. Looking into the sun wasn't the best for photos... we'll see how they turn out.
Tomorrow off into South Australia. Port Augusta a is about 450 km from B Hill. We have enjoyed Broken Hill. The mines here have produced a staggering one-third of the world's silver! Unreal eh?
Hopefully I'll get some photos to add to the blog next week.

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