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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Feeling bad. Here we are selling our house and there are 1800+ houses in Victoria burnt to the ground! 189 lives lost. Over a million native animals dead. Then north of us in Queensland, they've had incredible flooding... 60% of the whole state declared flood bound. Unreal.

It sure will be sad if and when we depart Dubbo. What a great house!

Neat bedroom eh? Ensuite, mirrored built-ins. Great family home.

JCK II about to go driving in the new Corolla. Go girl!
And when she's not driving or playing netball or dancing.... she's on the baby grand!

Good opportunity to visit Bruce up at Wharparilla. Near Come-By-Chance.

Bruce once broke my leg in a rugby tackle. I have utmost respect for this man!!!

Chris sent down SIX STRIKES in a ROW! Don't think I'd ever seen that before. All without paying for shoe rental or even picking up a ball (ten pin bowling.) Yep, in Pete and Jon's lounge room. Go Wii! (Pronounced wee.)

Pete and Jon cooked up this delightful dish.... skewered salmon with lime.... or was it lemon???It was absolutely delicious!

Jon shows his form at ten pin! Good style.

Jane shows her form. Note the lounge had to be moved to accommodate the game.... the wee.

Go Fay. Stick that tongue out a bit further... it'll give you leverage!

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At 9:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck in selling your house!!

Kerry (Saddo's)

At 1:27 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Thanks Kerry. So far so good!

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