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Friday, December 04, 2009


Dale (in middle) chatting with her daughter Deryn and Brian who have just flown in from England and Bryan and Marcia (left) who arrived from Iowa via San Francisco earlier that day... Thursday.

This bloke couldn't wait to get into the action and say gday!

Of course there's always gotta be the workers in cases like this. Here is the cleanup brigade! (Beth and Fay).

...and where would we be without the local "executive"? Planning is serious business and these guys - Barry, Bill and Gra, are up to it. Bill's been out here now for over a month. Actually I believe this could be an interview for a visa extension!! Yeah... you can tell by the body language.

Bandicoots are generally shy critters but when these little blokes heard who was here and what was goin' down they came out to check it all out. What bandicoot doesn't like a good barbie? I ask you!

Photos of roo experience still to come.... they're in another camera.

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At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Keasty and Mrs Keasty
It's Lynette Giddings of Surrey Hills, Melbourne - When are you gadabouts going o drop in on us?
Happy New Year to you both - lovely to see your travels - found you because I have just got back in tough with the May's of Geraldton - Googled them and look who else popped up :)
Love, Lynette

Pls. email me and I'll update you with what's happening in our family - the kids are all travelling - so it's 'Darby & Joan'in Surrey Hills , Melbourne!


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