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Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Just about to leave Chicago.... a warm and friendly city (especially for bike riders) but pretty COOL!

Kathy has hosted us for 5 days! She is a bike enthusiast! She lives on her own with a schnowzer dog (spelling?) Kathy has about 11 bikes! There are 3 on the top floor, at least 3 on main floor and 3 in basement. She has at least one out on loan! She's got computers and bike pumps on most if not all of them. Our tandem is currently in the dining room on the first floor while we sleep in the next room... the lounge room! Her business is KANGAROO CONNECTION. You might find it on the webb.

She has taken us all over Chicago (by bike) and we even went to a bike shop yesterday and got the gears sorted out. We also bought panniers there. We went on the 10th Anniversary Spring Champagne Ride on Sunday. It was about 4 degrees!!! We rode about 30 miles. It's the start of their bike season.... about 24 cyclists altogether. Very bike friendly city. Chicago was voted the best bike friendly large city in USA.

We went by train today (Tuesday) to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That's about 100 miles. Picked up a Ford F150 ute! BIG UTE! It's about 6 metres long! Drove back here and will stay tonight with Kathy before heading off. The bloke was very generous and allowed us A WEEK to do the 600 miles to Kansas City via St Louis! He's allowed us an extra 300 miles so we can tour a bit. Great guy. It's a F150 XL triton V8 with a L O N G tray. Will fit bike and we won't have to break the bike and put it in suitcases! It is white (truck) and has 30,000 miles on it, but is as tight as a drum. Buckets but can handle 3 people.

We have a Servas host lined up in St Louis, Missouri. Remember we are in Chicago, Illinois. Trying to arrange a host in Kansas City, Kansas which is where the truck is due to be delivered. The office there has a vehicle going to Waco, Texas.... that might fit in... if it's still there when we get there. Dallas is another place we're keen to get to.

Any other suggestions? We've got two months before we are due to do the BIKE ACROSS KANSAS.


At 10:23 PM, Anonymous treedoc said...

How about a float down the Mississippi on a raft like Huck Finn. Should be cheap enough and use up the best part of two months.
Had 8.5mm of rain the night before last probably our first rain since you left. How is your daily dialogue going? Love to you both
Brian and Sharon

At 9:35 AM, Blogger R. Stewart said...

Augh! Wish I'd have known you were heading Chi-town way. I love that city, and will be there (most likely) sometime near the end of the month. My mom's family is down there.

Enjoy America. If you get a chance, Denver's not a bad place to visit either.

At 9:12 PM, Anonymous plowman said...

First time on your site. Lots to catch up on. Thanks for the chance to see where you have been, what you are doing. Great experiences. Love the F150 idea. Had another 13mm rain next day after B&S's report - now turning last!
Bon voyage avec Dieu!
Peter & Joan

At 10:58 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Great to hear from a couple of Dubbo-ites! Also glad they've got some rain there.


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