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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Went cycling on Gabriola Island. Much better roads than Saltspring Is. Found a hill which was very steep... and we did nearly 80 kph! I was stoked! Those little wheels can really go eh?
Other photo is Bill on his old "iron horse" with us. Good to see he can still ride at his age!
We're still in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and will head to Washington on 25 June and then on to Oregon on 27 June. Big North West Tandem Rally is on 1 July in Corvallis, OR.
Thanks Dana for your suggestion re Fay's 60th birthday present.


At 9:39 PM, Blogger julie said...

Welcome back to the US. Sounds like your time in Canada has been great.
We're headed to French Lick Indiana (known for natural hot springs) for a long weekend. Our thought was, 'it's not home and not far.' We'll see if it's worth the drive.
The tandem rally sounds like fun. I understand Oregon is gorgeous.
Hope Fay had a wonderful birthday. Did you use Dana's idea? Or go with a store-bought gift? Or both?


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