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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Boy oh boy! Have I got some info for you!
Life is a bit rough round here at present. Well it can be. I don’t wanna sound like I’m whingeing. (That means complaining.)
I’m considering contacting Department of Children’s Rights or whatever is the department where you find out if what they’re doing to you is legal.
Here’s some of the stuff I have to put up with (let me know if you’d like to swap):
v I have a staple diet – milk! Great! (I’m being sarcastic)
v I get tied up with sheets and told to sleep several times a day
v Photos, photos… everybody is taking photos of me… clothes on, clothes off!
v Not allowed to watch TV by my parents
v Not allowed to have my own computer
v Not allowed to have a dummy (I’ve heard they’re pretty cool.)
v Not part of the decision-making
v Haven’t got a dog
v Don’t get taken to the cricket and stuff like that
They ask, “How would you like to play on your mate, Logan?” But then do they take any notice of me? No. Definitely not! Don’t they understand grunt language? I then just get dumped on “my mat”. Big deal!
When I go and have a bath, everybody and his uncle are there having a gauk at me. Unbelievable!
Then today, to add insult to injury, you won’t believe this, they painted my hands and feet, yes, painted both hands and both feet so they could get handprints and footprints. Is that legal? I think I need to consult a lawyer. Hey Marg, surely you’re on my side?

The good side is I'm here holidaying with parents and grandparents. The water is pretty good and really it's not such a bad place. We're heading back to some place called Mortdale where my Dad starts work there as a minister or something important. We'll see I guess.


At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Marg said...

Hey Logan.

Mate! Mate! Yes, you're right, there are laws against treating a bloke like this. I bet they don't even offer you a beer after a long day surfing!

Theer's a convention called the United Nations Convention for the Rights of Children. Among the things it specifically forbids is putting blue gunk on anyone's hands and feet. I'll look it up for you. Let me know if you want to start any legal actions.

Meanwhile, I've got a dog for you. It's really owned by your great uncle Bill, but it lives at my house. I'm sure that GUB will let you own it when he's not in the country. I bet it's faster than anyone else's dog in the family (0 to 65km in 3 strides!). I've also got a neat IBM thinkpad computer for you.

I know the photos are a hassle, but for international superstars like you it's just part of life. The photographers are called a really nasty name like papparazi.

Meanwhile mate, keep the shades on so they can't really see you. And I'd definitely veto any photos with the duds off.

Hang in there mate - the United Nations will be coming to rescue you.


At 11:10 PM, Blogger Rodney Olsen said...

I was tagged. Now you are too.

Check my blog for details.

At 11:55 AM, Blogger Maria del Carmen said...

Beautiful pics! Did you ever make it to Miami? Next time you're in town e-mail me:

Have a great day!

At 2:32 AM, Blogger julie said...

My son, Luke, (9 y/o) read this and was skeptical that Logan would be able to type yet. He's going to have to step up his game to compete with this level of accomplishment at such a young age!


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