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Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Saw quite a few of these quokkas on the island. Cute little guys. Can you see his claws?

There's never a shortage of pelicans when you're near the water. They are awaiting what the fishermen throw out.

I do love lighthouses. Think there were a couple on the island that we cycled round and found. Lovely clouds here eh?

There were 6 stingrays at the water's edge. We watched them from the pier just above them. As they came into the very shallow water they were mostly out of the water. Then they'd head back away from the water's edge again. Really neat.

Just one of the quokkas who checked out the Bike Fridays,

Wendy did well on the Tikit seeing she'd not ridden for quite some time. It is very user friendly even if it didn't perform for Rodney from Sonshine FM!

Alex and Lucy were on the Bike for Bibles trip 2003. Maybe they'll saddle up again for 2009! It was great to have lunch with them at Cicarello's in Fremantle.

Barb (nee Campbell) and her man Dave Otterman. He's a Canadian! Well, he still talks like one anyway. Barb went through Wagga Teachers College in 1961-62. I started in 1962 and Fay started in 1963. It's hard to beat a good WWTC girl isn't it Dave?
Caught up with Rodney and JD from Sonshine FM today. They're also from the 2003 BFB ride. Great to see them again.
Tomorrow we say farewell to Wendy and head to Ballajura to the Kingston Caravan and Camping World!!! Hope our Matilda is OK. After a sleep there we'll wander north to Geraldton and Kalbarri. Maybe it'll be a bit warmer there.
Diesel fuel prices are ridiculous! Up to $1.829 for a Litre of diesel here in Perth!!! We got some for $1.68 in York thanks to Fuel Watch.
It's been really great catching up with the BFB folk, ex WWTC folk and the Pritchard crew.

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At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Rodney Olsen said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day at Rottnest. I find that the island has an amazing ability to melt stress.

It was great catching up with you yesterday.

At 8:29 PM, Anonymous Colin said...

Nice to see the Rottnest lighthouse again!
My last glimpse was during the 1969 teachers' college exchange ( no, not Wagga Wagga) as I was running into third palce in the crosscountry event, accompanied by 100 student spectators who were making many helpful comments like, "Just one more hill" or "not far to go now" or "Just a little bit further", as they experienced no pain whatsoever on their bikes. I see tourists still take the easy bike option.
Look forward to your visit as your entourage heads to South Australia.


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