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Saturday, April 18, 2009


By the time we arrived in St George we had ridden for two weeks. Two weeks to go! More than half the kms so the daily rate will drop off a bit. The above two kids Jack (left) and Tom (right) rode with Sarah and Jim and others for a decent chunk of the day. Our riders did 195 km.

Lindy and Rosemary enjoyed the day today - they powered along.

Upon arrival, the green lawn was most welcome. We are staying at the Uniting Church at St George, Qld.

They even advertised our coming! Thanks Robyn and Michael and other church folk.

Here is our full team of cyclists and most of the St George/Surat mob that rode part of the way with us. Check out the little guys! Ben and Jake are in there as well.... they are young schoolkids.
Great BBQ tonight. The riders really enjoyed the huge range of dishes. Tomorrow we head to Mungindi.


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