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Friday, March 26, 2010


The 14th Annual Aussie Bike Friday gathering is taking place at Clare in SA. Just beautiful here. Fay and I do enjoy our Tandem Two'sDay. It's name is Banana Split! Made in Oregon, USA. [Plenty of vineyards round here... which means plenty of wineries!]

There are 115 cyclists here to enjoy this part of the country. One guy (who is a pilot from Colorado) is still waiting for his wife and son to join him. They're stuck in Denver amidst a heap of snow!!! There are single Bike Fridays and tandem Bike Fridays. All made in Eugene, Oregon.

Peter "Kooka" Berra comes out to join us each year and to fly the flag for the company. He also fixes bikes, does a folding demo and anything else you want him to do! A great guys is our "Kooka"! Thanks for coming out again Peter.

Just one of the many tandems here at Clare. We've been up and down the Reisling Trail (a rail trail) and also done a bit of bitumen work as well.


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