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Thursday, April 01, 2010


Denise and Marie-Anne from the Wilpena Visitor Centre were only too happy to assist us and managed to allow us to stay on our powered spot. They fiddled with an existing cancellation and we didn't even have to move our rig. Fantastic! Thanks ladies. This photo above is typical of the Flinders Ranges.

Pretty big stuff eh?

These fellas were everywhere. Lucky we didn't run over a few today, otherwise we'd have had fresh emu on our menu. They were in groups of dad & 3 chicks, dad & 4 chicks and here, dad & 5 chicks (teenagers). Makes you wonder what the female emu gets up to while dad's lookin' after the family... again!

At Parachilna there's not much more than the Parachilna Hotel. But it's well worth a visit. Drop in and have a feed while you're in town. Stay in the pub for a night. Got some lovely rooms.

Order FMG - feral mixed grill! Includes camel, goat, roo and emu. Looks pretty scrumptious eh?

Not far away is BLINMAN. It's famous for the Land Rover gathering each Easter and a cook out on the October long weekend. They tell me the place comes to life. Sure made me a lovely strawberry malted!! Where I grew up as a kid (Glenfield) there were heaps of people named Blinman, so we had to come see for ourselves!

This is part of the Great Wall of China. Saves you getting a passport and buying an airline ticket - just come here! It was impressive and long, even if my photos didn't do it justice.

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