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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The road between Goodooga and Lightning Ridge was only 75 km, but that was long enough when you're riding alone. Averaged 22.5 and fought some strong headwind and crosswind at times. Felt fairly drained when I arrived at the Ridge. Thanks Fay for being my roadie and looking after my needs. Looks a bit lonely doesn't it?

Rowan Mason works at the school now. He was about Year 1 when I taught there in 1978-79. We met a few folk that we recognised in the short time we had there. The place has sure changed quite a bit.

Ray Brookes is the principal there. He's a Dubbo bloke. His wife used to work at my school in Dubbo. Small world eh?

On ya bike! Ready to roll. It was good to chat with both primary kids and secondary kids and tell them why I was riding from Goodooga to the Ridge.

Pretty flat... not much traffic. Surface OK. Don't remember many bends either!
Can't help but think what a crazy idea it was to plan a bike ride from Goodooga to Koorawatha! Let's hope tomorrow works out well.

Yep... stage 1 finished! 75 km in 3:19 at an average speed of 22.6 kph. Max speed 35. Got in at 1 pm. Went and spoke with the kids at Kids' Club at the Community Church, thanks to David Piper.
Last night we went to the Rotary Changeover dinner. The small group there (about a dozen of us) donated $350 to Bike for Bibles! Awesome. We shall always remember Lightning Ridge Rotarians. Photos of the Bevans' Cactus Farm coming. Absolutely beautiful.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have travelled that road to Lightning Ridge many times (not by bike but i guess you already have worked that out). Very long and straight and yes lonely.

Kerry (Saddo's)


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