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Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm sure in some pretty flash company eh? Fancy one bloke getting to take out ALL these girls! He sure must be HOT! And wait... there's more! There's even Neats!!! (She took the photo.) We'd just been to see WEST SIDE STORY. A really great show. Don't miss it!

Somebody's gotta do the hard work - here is the hired help! This bloke turned out to be a pretty handy babysitter. Thanks Jem! His fees are expensive, but he's sure worth it.

Hey.... this girl sure has the touch. Well done Pete. She's giving him his first lessons in mobile phone etiquette. He paid close attention.

Not everybody was happy ALL the time! This guy has his moments. But he's a pretty neat bloke (most of the time)! Maybe he wants Pete or Jem to come spoil him again!

You don't get to see this guy unhappy very often. So take the photo!! He's one cool two year old. His hoody came from his great aunt in Cairns. (He really is very happy with the hoody.... there's something else that is bugging him.)

Of course Fa has to do his fair share of babysitting. Weather was beautiful during the day.

Unfortunately it takes it out of us old blokes a bit. Have to head back to Sussex for a breather! Get some respite care. Strike! This bloke's only got three grandsons! How's he gonna handle it if a few more arrive?


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