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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Ever tried to keep up with an energetic 7 year old cyclist? I made that mistake last week. While I carefully negotiated puddles and mud holes, she simply went straight through – the line of least resistance so to speak. As a result, there were occasions when she finished up on the ground rather than on the bike – not a place I was really interested in ending up.

Did you know that Cadel Evans (Australia’s premier road cyclist) was originally a most successful mountain biker before turning to the road? Maybe Jaida might start off in the mud and progress from there. If she does get a contract, her mother hopes it will include clothing, a Laundromat option and somebody to clean the bike regularly!

This young cyclist has control, confidence and a healthy amount of competitive spirit. She also has a natural tendency – if there’s a puddle, let’s go through it! Thank goodness she’s going back to school! I can go back to resting in front of the fire.

Yep.... that's another puddle she's found. Good spotting Jaida!

Hhhmmmm. A picture tells a thousand words eh?

She's very comfortable out of the saddle too. Once you get to my age, you tend to stay on the seat a bit more often.

Oops! She doesn't always stay on the bike... quite often she and the bike part company. The good news is, when you're this small, it's not a long way to fall!


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