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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Here's Terry. He lives a few km away and came to identify our resident snake, capture him and relocate him. I'm pleased to say that he did all three. In that order!
Our friend, who turned out to be an eastern small-eyed snake, had been a resident in our compost bin for a couple of months or more. And he's a venomous little bloke too. (Yes, I would've been wearing gloves and long trousers too!)

We all know that there are many people who get bitten because they were trying to kill a snake. Much better to relocate him. Sorry photo isn't fantastic, but I wasn't getting closer to get a "head shot". Sorry. Look him up on the internet where there are 20 or 30 good photos of this guy (the snake I mean.)
Terry had a good dig around in the compost bin to see if there were any others there. This snake bears live young too.
OK, you can all come visit now!!!



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