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Friday, April 01, 2011


About 90 cyclists from various Aussie states as well as the Colorado family and Jim and Michele from Vancouver Canada.

First time for Michele but Jim's been on such a jaunt before. He knows the ropes.

Decision: do we go ahead and do the long trip or turn left and take the short cut? If in doubt, stop and have a beer our son would say!

Dave and Bronwyn. Bron is one of the chief organisers. Thanks for your efforts Bronwyn.

Gerry is a ton of fun... all the time. She's part of the furniture now too.

Fay and I are happy after day 1. Unfortunately there were 3 days still to ride when this shot was taken.
Good to have Matthew and Linda here with us again this year. They were cycling in northern England last year. Or was it France? Always fgood to have these happy campers at our Bike Friday gatherings. This is our 15th one.


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