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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Mexico Completo!

Had a great time in Mexico. First 7 days were in a flash resort, MAYAN PALACE in Playa Del Carmen and the last 2 days in the hotel area in the city of Cancun at the AVALON GRAND. Still pretty flash.

We visited CHICHEN ITZA and TULUM sites. Unreal to see the remains of the Mayan civilisations from so long ago. The background stories were fascinating. Of course there were plenty of local hawkers and a fair bit of bus travel as we went on a few tours on the Yucatan Peninsula. We did well to avoid buying a whole bunch of stuff.

One of the many highlights was the night show at Xcaret! Wow! Mexico Spectacular! Pole men, heaps of dancers, a depiction of the early Mayan Civilisation followed by the arrival of the Spanish and the subsequent clashes. We will never forget the pre-Hispanic ball game where the players threw themselves at the ball in an attempt to knock it through a hole. They made contact with the ball with their hips! Unreal! No, I decided not to give it a try. Made basketball seem pretty tame. Then we watched an ancient game of “hockey” with a flaming ball! That was pretty serious stuff too! It sure was a fantastic evening performance.

Through the internet we learned of a group of English-speaking folk in Cancun who worshipped weekly at a hotel in the city. So, we headed there on Easter Sunday and received a warm welcome as we joined with a collection of people – English, American etc! Their music comes from – of all places – Australia! Yes, Hillsong!

Had some good feeds during our time in Mexico, but none better than meeting Mario at HABANEROS. It is a small place – very small. But the warmth, friendliness and quality of tucker was just tops. Mario assured us he’d feed us. And he did. At the end, after we’d had our fill, plus a coke for Fay and a coffee for Gra, he wanted 100 pesos – less than ten bucks! Damn good value. Apparently you can look up TRIP ADVISOR on the net and he gets a pretty good write-up in the food section. He entertained us as well as fed us.

So, that’s the end of section 1 of the North America trip. Next part is California and north to Oregon, Washington and Vancouver. Keep an eye on the blog and I’ll keep you up to date.

SORRY - couldn't get any more photos on for some reason. Next time. At CANCUN airport about to head to DALLAS and then LAX.


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