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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NTH AM TRIP days 1 & 2

Well, day 1 was all about getting to the Sydney airport nearly 3 hours ahead of departure (thanks heaps Deb). It also included the big 13.5 hrs in the DELTA 777 (I think that was the aircraft model) going from Sydney to Los Angeles. But wait! There’s more! Day 1 also included the three and a half hour flight from Los Angeles to Atlanta (which is a damn long way from anywhere!) Atlanta to Cancun, Mexico was just over 2 hours in a smaller MD88 plane. And day 1 would not be complete without mentioning waiting in Sydney before boarding for 2.5 hrs and waiting for our connection in LAX for just under 4 hours and again in Atlanta for an hour and a half. Of course you have to decide how you classify the time spent sitting in the plane out on the runway in the queue of planes. Or sitting in the plane waiting for the seat belt sign to go off so you can start the process of disembarking.

IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! Even if it took about 26 hours all up. I might add, my ADHD and bendy-straightenies (restless legs) seemed to kick in together after an hour or so on the 2nd leg towards Atlanta. Not a pretty sight.

Lost track of how many movies we saw…all free. Meals were quite good really. Tea/coffee and drinks plentiful. Service was good. Loved going over the snow covered ground as we headed east over the Rockies.

DELTA AIRLINES – yeah – came out pretty well.

Here at the MAYAN PALACE we are in room 1210 in building 19. I think that’s how it goes. Yep, this is luxury! Daughter Pete would love it! Can’t think of too many folk who wouldn’t actually.

So, after about 26 hours involved in the operation of getting here, we have had 1 sleep here at the resort. (I’ll refer to it as the Palace… an apt reference.)

Our unit is ROOMY. It has 1 quite large bedroom, a bathroom and a lounge/dining/kitchen area. We have balconies outside bedroom and also outside the lounge. We’re on the ground floor. Of course TV in lounge and bedroom, and a bed that was so big it took me until 4:48 am to even find my wife! Floor coverings – all tiles.

Today we will go shopping to Wal Mart to get essentials so we can make ourselves snacks.

Everything is air conditioned which is pretty handy. Outside it’s muggy and warm. I found that out when I went walking this morning, setting out when it was still dark. I found the beach, I found the lobby and I found 2 crocs mating (seriously) and I found the gigantic pool complex. I don’t know whether it’s one pool or more than one. Hard to say. Heaps of restaurants, bars, and hundreds of banana-lounges just everywhere. Jeremy would be impressed; I got lost just trying to get back to our room!

They could learn a lesson from the Aussies about what to put in a resort room! One of the things you find in North America is that they rarely have tea, coffee, sugar or milk in the rooms. We take it for granted in Oz. Not so in North America and not so here in room 1210 at The Palace.

Today we get taken out for brekky and given a spiel about resorts etc. Tomorrow morning is a get together of all the people who are RCI owners… another free brekky and a bit of a sales pitch I guess. We have to get some Mexican pesos today too. You divide the sum by 11 which gives you Aussie dollars.

Places to visit include: Xcaret, Xplor, Tulum, Xel-Ha, Cozumel and of course the famous Chichen Itza. Can we see all this in the time available? Good question. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know. Haven’t found a tennis court but I have seen a bunch of bikes. I’ve also found some neat number plates!!!

Better go and have brekky with Edmundo! He’s gonna pick us up at the front of the resort.

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At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear you made it ok despite ADHD and bendy-straightenies! All well here, Sunday was a long day after dropping you guys then church, then Owen vomiting... all well now though and Easter long weekend to come! I'm looking forward to hearing about all the places with those letters that don't get used much in English :)

At 8:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're a funny funny man. Put some pics of the palace up please dad. Miss you guys already


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