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Thursday, August 18, 2011


The photos for this entry have been confiscated by the bureau of XXXXXXXXXXX. (See, even that's confidential!)
We have had a great time so far..... BUT..... in keeping with current TV reality programs, we had to vote somebody off the VAN TRIP. So.... we have counted your votes and yesterday, we had to say goodbye to one member of the team.
Sadly, that person was......
Yes, our trip continues WITHOUT Julianne. This just shows how important your votes are! Please get them in before the next "cull". If you wanna vote for Fay.... or Rob or whoever.... get your vote in NOW!
Those who are left are in Yeppoon. Tomorrow we will head to Miles (probably). There are other options. We do need to get back to NSW as we've heard things aren't going too well there. Like weather is cool, wet and all that sorta stuff. People are leaving the country, people are moving house etc. One person has foot and mouth disease.... just to name but a few of the problems they are facing down there.
I'll get back to you..... maybe with photos.....


At 10:36 AM, Blogger Walking to the Conference! said...

Hello - wow what a trip. I just thought I'd see where the Keasts are !! I was born in Richmond which is on the train line between Hughenden and Mt Isa. We used to live on a station called Maxwelton which is also on the highway and railway line just west of Hughenden. I left there when I was 2! I haven't been back since - I would love to - it is a plan! Take care - have fun.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger Walking to the Conference! said...

Oops - Maxwelton is actually just west of Richmnond (which is also west of Hughenden). I'm not that familiar with the area.


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