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Monday, July 04, 2011


We've left the snake country behind and reached Seattle.

Even managed a couple of bike rides with Monte! Excellent. Thanks Monte!

Some blokes have a bird in every port (I believe) - I have a bike in every port! Here's my Seattle Rodriguez.

Nordstrom is a great store. It has a great history too.

I ran into a bit of personal trouble here in Seattle. Three against one isn't fair I was always told. We did have a great time with Krogs and a lovely BBQ with Jen & Richard. (Jen was a Smart for Bernie's benefit.) Two of the above are Smarts' grandsons!

Now it's off to Vancouver where we've settled into the Kingston on Richards. Very comfortable and right where the action is. In fact this is about where the vandalism and rioting took place after the Stanley Cup hockey finals recently. We'll have 2 sleeps here.

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