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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Really great to catch up with a fourth cousin of mine, Chuck and his wife Helen in Minnesota. They were at their cabin near Pequot Lake. A lovely part of the world.

Here is their view of the lake.

In South Dakota we viewed the carving of CRAZY HORSE into the rock. It started in 1948, and will be going for many many years to come. This is a model. The actual work can be seen below his left arm. They have only carved his face so far! Yes, it's a long long job for sure.

This bus driver thought he could get through a gap in the rocks. He JUST made it. This was in Custer State Park.

Needle Highway was the name of this area. Well named. The rocks were indeed like needles. Yes, we did visit Mt Rushmore where the 4 presidents have been sculptured in the rock. That work was done between 1927 and 1941. Photos in a day or so (with a bit of luck.) Do you know which presidents are in that sculpture?



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