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Saturday, September 10, 2011


Yep... that's the scene of the crime. That's where the attack took place. See villain below.
Well I can't tell for sure what sort of a tick it was, but I coulda done without it for sure.

Ticks are bloodsucking, external parasites that are often encountered by people during activities in the Australian bush. says the Department of Medical Entomology.

No, the picture above is the only one I could copy when I searched the cyber world. The bloke that attacked me was a small critter. It got me on THE NECK! Bugger! Fay pulled it out with the tweezers after it had refused to come out voluntarily. (Get out you bugger!)

Now my neck is swollen and the top of my chest is inflamed.... and I'm not a happy camper. ITCHY.... ITCHY.... ITCHY.... try not to think about it. My extra chins bounce when I walk about.

Antihistamine pills make you drowsy. Hey, I'm drowsy enough at the best of times! But now.... strike....

Only other person to look at it so far was the chemist.... yeah.... antihistamine pills he reckoned. Damn.... it's itchy now... knows I'm talking about it.

No cycling.... no jobs being done.... no nothing..... just drivin' me up the wall. Damn...

Better be ready for the RIDE4RETINA ... as I depart from Sydney for Gold Coast on Thursday 15 Sept.

Any positive suggestions? Preferably before this drives me insane.....


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