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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Harper (see photo #1) and I are enroute to the Gold Coast. Actually Harper is a guide dog and wasn't allowed to come walkabout with me without Lindy. (Picture maybe tomorrow.) 
Lindy is gonna cycle from Gold Coast to Sydney (Manly) from Sunday 18 Sept to 24 Sept. She'll be accompanied by about 9 other riders, at least 1 of whom is blind (like Lindy.) Hopefully the blind cyclists will choose the back seat on the tandem bikes. There will be 2 support vehicles, with Harper and I riding in the Pajero. At least if I get tired, Harper can take a turn at the wheel. You might note there's a flash tandem and a half bike on the roof of the Pajero. The flash tandem costs about $15,000 and helped Lindy to a medal in Beijing. Think she used a different one in Athens when she won gold! (Strike, the Pajero's probably only worth $18,000!)
Next post will be from the Gold Coast, all going well. G'night all. 
By the way, if you wanna stay at a motel in Coffs Harbour, don't go past The Bentleigh Inn in the main street. Val and Chris will look after you.


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