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Saturday, January 21, 2012


 Here's Erica from Batemans Bay. She's one brave lady. Erica has melanomas on her legs etc. Not very pleasant. So a bunch of ex Goulburn High School folk who did the Leaving Certificate in 1962, gathered to spend a bit of time with Erica in Batemans Bay recently. Here she is with Wayne Mayo. Erica has a second-hand bookshop in Batehaven where Fay and I get a pile of our reading matter.

Here's Erica chatting with Wendy - Bill Frost's sister. Maybe that's Sue O'Reilly standing up with them.

 Here's Fay having a chat with Sue O'Reilly. (Gee I hope I've got some of this right!)

 Judy Jackson and Michelle Grimes. (Sorry if I've only got "single" names, or a mixture.... guess it shows that I didn't go to GHS.)


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