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Friday, November 11, 2011


 So... who's idea was it to have some jerk drop this load so I could shove it all over my garden?
How much did that cost???

 The head gardener has already done this bit. Awesome!!! I'll keep her on. (Head gardener also cooks!)

 My favourite plant is this rose near the letterbox. It really is great. And there's a glimpse of the head gardener below! She even cooks for me!!!!

 Now.... what's this weed? Maybe asparagus weed. How do you get ride of it? And don't say "pull it out!"

 This was a jungle before this week.  Hey... we even have neighbours I never knew we had!

 The area outside the telly room. Looks great. Wonder who's gonna spread all that mulch from out the front?

 This weed.... is way worse than the other one. What's it called? Maybe Argentina weed.... named after a Sth American country if my memory serves me correctly... Brazillian weed????
It is WAY WORSE..... and spreads like.... like..... like a weed!  How do you get ride of this? Can you spray?

This is the damage that the damn bandicoots leave after they've checked out the lawn! Mongrels! Anybody want a few bandicoots?


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