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Friday, March 30, 2012


We're in Corowa for the 16th Annual Australian Bike Friday Championships! Oops.... I mean gathering. There are about 130 cyclists here, all on "little wheels". Yes, the Bike Fridays pack a big punch. Of course coffee and cake go hand in hand with cycling, so we're discovering and re-discovering all the neat bakeries and cake shops there are around here. 
There are folk from WA, SA, Vic, NSW & Qld. There's also folk from Canada and USA. Out of the 130 cyclists, there are at least 16 tandems and a bunch of visually impaired and blind riders (on the back of tandems thank goodness. 
Today for me was not a good day. Woke with sinus. Bum was sore pretty quickly (not a good sign for a top day.) Even the bike had its moments. My stoker, Fay, was like Craven A. Remember them? "They never vary!" Yeah, she was great. No complaints there. Fay is also the bike mechanic, so if anything should go wrong, she's there to help. I bought her a vanilla slice - that is usually good enough for a week! Thanks Matt who did a beaut job fine tuning the gearing on the rig this arvo - now we just gotta see how it runs tomorrow. 

Graham Brown comes from Rutherglen (9 km away) and he and his wife Marg have been responsible for organising the rides and the after cycling activities. So far, so good! Thanks Browns. Really sad that Margaret and Graham Day from SA are not able to be with us on this occasion.
More pix to come hopefully.


At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a ball. The bad news is that the Mulga Bill Festival end of July has been canceled due to lack of sponsorship, just when we had planned to go to meet up with lots of my Kerin cousins. The 12 of us cousins are still going, having 2 nights in the Yeoval pub and dinner Sat night at the Bowling club with any other Kerins in the district. Love Janice n B


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