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Thursday, March 22, 2012


This guy (the one on the right) taught with Fay at Moulamein Central School in 1966-67. He lived in a gypsy caravan in the caravan park (see pic below). He was always a creative guy who enjoyed life to the max.

Been good to spend a bit of time with Coult in an environment that is a bit foreign to a bloke who hasn't been in Oz for 12 years. He does a lot of research in China and writes papers on environmental and financial issues. He has also been a liaison contact with a whole bunch of organisations, including government departments.

Yeah, this was Coult's home. That's Fay's Mini parked outside. I used to sleep in the caravan at times. It'd save me driving home to where I lived at Niemur, 20 miles away. Mind you, there were a few snakes that also inhabited the van, so one slept there very, very ... motionless. I can even remember sleeping on the roof! I just don't know whether that was because of the weather or the reptiles. 

 Recreation included riding this sklakky-board while being towed behind a car on the deserted clay pans.
Coult was actually the only one who could really ride this bit of equipment despite our efforts.

Coult's preferred mode of transport was this motor bike (after his VW came to a halt.) Guess this was before helmets came into vogue.
Hope he enjoys his few days in our Oz before he returns to China.


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