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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It was bad news to learn that our huge gum tree was beyond saving.
Found this spider in amongst the worms - worm farm. Type?

Really thrilled to find NO SPLINTERS had put a new lid on our back deck. Well done Mick and Dave. Trouble is we had to paint it then!! Certainly room for more plates!

 Great to see this guy - JHK (great initials eh?)  This is a "running machine!" Keeps his parents honest.

 Even though he's not 100%, the Coop can still flash you that killer smile.

 This guy takes things carefully.... and then warms to you. Quite the character. He certainly doesn't want to live in the shadow of his 2 big brothers.

 No! L.J. is outdoors! Cool! He can sure handle this bit of gear. Gets him to school a bit quicker than when he walked!

 Only 4+ months but she had her first swimming lesson last week. Loved every bit of it.

WJ has landed! Here he is working on his phone settings. Bit more practice needed. Must be cold in Canada if he's out here.
Good to be home again. Did you work out what sorta spider that fella is? He's still there if you wanna come look. 


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