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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Sunday 23 Sept
WEISENBLASEN im Almgebiet Ramsaul Dachstein
Maybe it was a 15-20 km drive to Türlwand where a bunch of local restaurants put on live music. It only happens once a year and we were there just at the right time. From Schladming, we headed up past Schildlehen and on up a very windy steep road till we came to where there seemed to be some action. Several restaurants in the area were involved. Music would start at one restaurant and then when those musicians took a rest, the music would come from another venue. Really neat. Türlwand is at 1692 metres. Barry ventured even further by taking the cable car to the top and having a wander there. Think the place was called Hunerscharte Austriascharte. The area was RAMSAU am DACHSTEIN. Barry went up to 2736 metres – a dam long way from where we were. I have NEVER seen a cable car that travels so far and so high with just ONE span! Yep, just one span.  And he came back to tell the tale. This area was NNW of Schladming where we are based. 
We went for a one hour hike after we’d tasted the wares at a couple of restaurants and listened to their musicians. As it turned out, that walk (at a pretty high altitude) was the last walking Annette was to do for four days as she came down with a very nasty illness – cold/flu/whooping cough/pertussis…. or whatever it is/was. We were walking at altitude.

Monday 24 Sept
Yep, a doctor’s visit was in order! Then chemist. Rest of the day was internet, printing photos, visiting Tourist Information, resting.  Hey… we saw a bloke on a penny farthing wandering through the square (which is actually a rectangle). “Oh, I haven’t seen one like that before!” said a voice…. or was I just imagining it?  

Tuesday 25 Sept
 Bike day! Good fun… especially coming back down the hill. I must’ve got sucked in, because I figured a track beside a stream would be fairly flattish! Not so over here. Mountain streams seem to come from way up there and are pretty steep, or as Jim would say… steepish. Yeah… that was one neat bike ride. Even met a unicyclist on the trail – couldn’t believe our eyes!

Wednesday 26 Sept
Trip to the quaint village of Hallstatt leaving Barry to look after the ailing Annette back in our Schladming resort. It was 80 km away and we averaged 52 km/hr. Fuel consumption – an impressive 4.4 L/100 km. Unreal. We bought hot chocolate and apple strudel. Hope you can get an idea of it from the photo. The village of Hallstatt (accessed by a long tunnel) clings to the steep slopes of the foothills of the Dachstein mountain range and takes its name from the lake (Hallstättersee) into whose dark waters the slope dips.  This is romantic Austria with men in their Austrian jackets, leather shorts, braces and small hats and ladies wearing their traditional attractive long skirts and frilly colourful bodices. Streets were narrow and steep. We sensibly left our car out at a parking lot on the edge of town. Ancient overhanging houses, grapevines everywhere and beautifully decorated wooden buildings surround the tourist. The market square was more like a triangle (I am particular about my geometry.) Quite a day. Good thing Thursday was a rest day (emails, shopping, swimming and hot chocolate!) Annette had her first walks for the week…should I say weak? 

Friday 28 Sept
Went to the markets in the morning and bought some fruit and buns (apples are reported to be some of the best in the world. They were pretty impressive.) Next we headed for Undertal. Then walking walking. I read on the signboard, Turning back often requires as much courage and will power as striving to reach the summit. If you are in any doubt at all it is better to turn back. The mountains will still be there another day. The mountain trail was great, but I was happy to stay and look at the beauty from where I was, allowing the other three trekkers to venture into the higher altitude like a small bunch of mountain goats.That's Barry on the right walking on the 50 metre long suspension bridge. No, Fay didn't do it.

Lunch was at GasthofMichlbauer which proved a wonderful choice. Reinhardt and Sissy did a great job of looking after our needs. Three schnitzels and one freshly cooked local trout for Annette, eaten out in the delicious and captivating sunshine. Maybe I’ll never eat schnitzel in Oz ever again! It was so fresh and tasty. Thanks guys…. You cooked and presented the food excellently. Master chef for sure! See you in Australia.  

Saturday 29 Sept   
We say farewell to AlpineClub where we’ve stayed for seven sleeps! It’s been very comfortable and staff have been helpful. The dining room was excellent. Thanks folks.
Off to Holzleiten 88, Obsteig in the Austrian Tirol via the beautiful Innsbruck. Stay tonight with airbnb hosts Elvira and Rudi. What a gorgeous spot out in the donga! Then Sunday we head to Germany - Fussen, Augsburg, Donauworth and Ulm. Should be with Lieselotte and Volker in Senden, near Ulm by Sunday arvo.


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