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Saturday, June 22, 2013


 Port Macquarie is a beaut spot. About 400 km N of Sydney - 6 hours drive. The folk there are very friendly and there's enough to do. While we didn't go whale watching (long story), we did go strawberry picking, played tennis, cycled and shopped. We also went beach walking.

 Guess what? They have a Royal Hotel there!!

 Here's where we stayed - WYNDHAM VACATION RESORTS Asia Pacific Flynns Beach.

 Jenny and Frank joined us at Port Macquarie. They were a great couple to holiday with.

Of course the girls did a reasonable amount of shopping.
I thought the shops may have closed down after we left
as their stock would've been depleted somewhat. 

On a different note: 
Terrible flooding in Calgary and Canmore, Alberta Canada. We used to live in Calgary and travelled often through Canmore enroute to Banff and into BC. 


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