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Saturday, April 27, 2013


 At the celebrations for Cooma Public School's 150th! Caught up with ex students like Fiona and Susan McKenzie and Fiona's kids.

 Got to play tennis with and against folk like 95 year old Myrtle Boate and 81 yr old Bruno Nosek. Maybe there's a few years left in me yet!

 Here's where our family lived back then ... 1986 to 1998.

 Gerald & Fiona own Cooma Sports Store so we called in there for an update before going for a local ride.

 There are some beautiful spots round town.

 At the Cocktail Party, we caught up with a bunch of ex teachers as well as students, parents and members of the wider community.

 Brooke Astle (centre) is now a teacher. She was a student back when I was at CPS. She is flanked by Deb Geach and her daughter. Deb taught with me back in the 86-98 period and this is her youngest daughter!

So, where do you stay when you come to Cooma? At the BUNKHOUSE of course! Good to catch the Bohl family here. Good place to stay.


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