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Friday, October 31, 2014


...gardening month!! That's what she said anyway!
 These are bells. Maybe Christmas Bells. Beautiful insides.

 Love the colour of these ones. Can you google these pix to find out what they're called?

 As you can see, pink is my and Glen McGrath's favourite colour! I have pink handlebar tape!

 Guess this is more mauve eh?
 Now, I know about this codger - he's a rose! An orange coloured rose. Now if Graham Wright was here he could tell me the name of it. I mean its first name.

 Lovely eh? Don't think Cuddy is as good for roses as Dubbo was.

 Now for something completely different. This is called a two-tone flower.

 Is this a bird of paradise? Just checking.

 Colour - purple/mauve. Very pretty these little ones.

Here's the newly renovated furnery. Done a good job Simon, Kerrie and Fay. I helped too


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