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Sunday, May 18, 2014


 Well some guys play in a cricket comp or tennis or footy comp. These blokes go to the re-enactments of the American Civil War. They're on just about every weekend in California as well as other states. We learnt quite a heap as we wandered round the Confederates' camp. This was at Mariposa, east of San Francisco.

 While you're there, you can buy shirts, jackets, boots etc. They camp out in tents just like the original blokes would have done.
 There were several battles a day and even a night battle. No "actors" were killed during the performances.

Abe Lincoln was there and even gave the Gettysberg address. Pretty neat. He was looking pretty good actually.
 I didn't know that females enlisted. Often they passed themselves off as blokes. Here are 2 young ladies who joined the battles.
This fella was explaining to some of the younger ones about canon fire etc. Quite interesting. 


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