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Sunday, January 21, 2007


Two Aussie sportsmen were in the news this week and caught my attention. They have been great sportsmen and both are in their thirties… oh to still be there!
Michael Bevan used to be a star cricketer in the one day scene. He won many matches that were doomed to be lost. Matches that went to the wire… if Bevo was there… we had a great chance. Under great pressure he would hit the ball to all parts of the ground and seem real cool. I have enjoyed his cricket and was a big fan. Today there is a guy called Hussey who plays like Bevo played and has won games for Australia.

The other bloke is a tennis player – Wayne Arthurs. Arthurs announced this would be his last big tournament. Today I saw him come out to play Mardy Fish from USA. They started hitting up and just before the start it became apparent that Arthurs had either pulled a muscle or worse. It turned out to be worse. Arthurs actually played three games before making the decision to withdraw. Everybody watching knew that there was no chance. He might just as well have withdrawn before the game started. It turned out that he had been given a painkilling injection prior to the match. Something must’ve gone wrong because he just couldn’t put any weight on his right leg. He spoke briefly before leaving the court. It was an extremely emotional scene. Arthurs has put in for his country in Davis Cup events over the years. He was overshadowed by more well-known players, but he himself was a great asset to his country. He had a huge serve… not unlike mine!!! I will miss seeing big Wayne taking the court.
Both these guys were great fighters. Against the odds they were prepared to have a go!

And think about it… both blokes are cackey handers! (Southpaws!)
PS In cricket and tennis they used to wear whites!


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