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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


St Francis Xavier Cathedral in Geraldton
Natural Bridge out of Kalbarri

Pot Alley Gorge just out of Kalbarri

Left lovely Geraldton and headed for Kalbarri. Hey, weather here is 29 – 30! Eat your hearts out! Lovely summer temps here!

Just a short visit here – time to cycle to several clifftop lookouts, eat out at the great fish places (the Jetty and Finlays), have another look at Nature’s window and do the 8 km loop which is a popular bush walk. They said it was “moderate”. Hhmm… I think I’d have said “…a bit on the tough side”.

We headed off this morning and left the car at 10:06 am. It said 3-4 hours. Everybody knows that capable fit people like us can do that sort of thing in two, maybe two and a half. Right? We did the walk clockwise (while just about everybody else did it anti-clockwise.) It entailed walking (scrambling??) down the stoney precipice to the sandy foreshore of the Murchison River. Then we walked along beside the river. Sounds too easy! Yep, definitely too easy. At one stage as we …. can’t think of another word to describe how we travelled today… we scrambled along the rocks, trying to find the “path”. At the most difficult spot, we really didn’t think we would be able to cross over this quite difficult section. We prayed. Within a minute 2 young German guys appeared coming the other way. They showed us how to cross this tricky section and then waited while we negotiated the rocky section, just managing to avoid slipping into the Murchison River below. Fortunately we can both swim and we didn’t have a camera with us.
The whole circuit took us 3.5 hours! Much longer than we thought it’d take a fit young couple like us! We sure enjoyed the shandy when we arrived back at the Pajero.
Tuesday 27th we leave the coast and head back to Geraldton and then inland as we start our trek back eats to Adelaide and then to Dubbo.

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At 6:40 PM, Blogger Keasty said...

Arrived Kalgoorlie Thurs 3 pm.
Head for Norseman and east tomorrow.... then to EYRE BIRD SANCTUARY at Cocklebiddy for 2 sleeps.


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