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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Balgowan on the Yorke Peninsula. Does it get much prettier than this? This is on the west coast between Wallaroo and Port Victoria. We stayed at Wallaroo - neat place.

Laura town had its FOLK FAIR on this last weekend - 10 & 11 April. It's the home of CJ Dennis. Well, his younger days anyway. Dick Biles had this statue done for the town. We got to meet Dick a few times but this was the only glimpse of C J Dennis we got!

Guess there are quite a few folk, like Dicko and the cleaning lady, who don't get down the Yorke Peninsula, so thought I'd throw up a few shots. Don't forget, that top photo is from Yorke Peninsula also. Click on it, and it should enlarge. Agriculturally rich, naturally beautiful.

Fay was having a look across Gulf St Vincent to see if she could see Adelaide. It can't be that far across according to our maps. Tomorrow we're off to have a look at the Innes National Park and Marion Bay etc. Maybe I should get a bike ride in before we depart from Coobowie which is where we're staying. Look it up on Google Maps. Edithburgh is a neighbouring town.
Gotta be in Adelaide to see CANDYMAN on Fri or Saturday.

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