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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The road between Yeoval and Cumnock is a lot of fun with a heap of bike related sculptures in the paddocks. This guy was pretty neat.

Lunch at Molong was always going to be at the Gelato factory! Hhhhmmmmm! Beautiful! Think mine was white chocolate and boysenberry. Plus a lovely coffee. Fay's was a cherry ripe which turned out to be a winner also.

Thought I'd better get a photo of Fay! Here she is - alone and unassisted - putting the rig down. She has done a fantastic job. How can I reward her do you reckon??? Any ideas?

The last 33 km was heaps better - I had company! Ian Kelly rode with me into Orange. Man there are some hills there.
For the day's travelling, I did 93.83 km in 4:49. Don't even bother to work out the average - it's 19.48! Uggg! Well, it's quality that counts. Even managed to reach 62 kph down a hill.

Thanks Ian Kelly from Molong. A lovely Christian brother


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