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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Stage 2 I had Richard Riley to ride with. His largest previous distance was 60 km. He rode an awesome 100 @ 28 kph! Cool eh? I finished with 116.8 @ 28.03 - a bit over 4 hrs riding. This was the Ridge to halfway between Walgett and Coonamble. Thanks Richard and also Alan (in the background) who came as an extra roadie. Greatly appreciated by both myself and Fay.

Fay found us a beaut rest spot; toilets and outdoor seating! What more could a bloke want?

The support wagon turned into a photography unit today!!! The wildflowers were pretty neat.

I knew we were at Gulargambone when I spotted these giant birds in the air. We had planned to stop in Coonamble, but the energy was still there, so.... we did 124.4 @ 24.6. Not bad on my pat malone! This means we only have to do 50+ tomorrow to get us to Gilgandra, then we'll drive to Dubbo. With a bit of luck Jeff Neill will come out and ride with me from Gil to Dubbo. Great visitors' centre here and also a beaut caravan park. Damper tonight! Wonder how well I'll ride tomorrow?


At 8:24 AM, Blogger Richard Riley said...

Hey Grahame nice to be able to share the ride with you. Wished I could have taken some extra days off and kept going. Hope the rain today is not too much of a hindrance to you. Catch you round. Richard


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