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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The gorgeous pool complex! Well, part of it anyway. It just goes on and on and on...
This is at the Mayan Palace at Playa Del Carmen.

Here we are having a swim at a sink hole - Ik Kil. They call it a cenote.

Two sides of the four have been restored. This is one of the other sides.

How are these for pillars? Think there's a thousand of them.

Photo taken out of our tower.... This is Beach Palace. Pretty flash joint. That arch over the pool houses a huge screen that comes down so people can watch movies in the night. Pretty neat eh?

What would you like to eat? Enchiladas? Tacos? Quesodillas? Fajitas? They sure got 'em all here. Even burritos and carnitas and carne asada!
Now in Los Angeles.... oops.... I mean Orange County. This is big city. Something like 51 cities in LA. county. Gotta catrch up with Jack and Kathy and also Stivmac and Marianne.


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