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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Just think - we weren't planning on visiting QC! Gerard told us we had to go. And did we enjoy the place. You guessed it - weather was a bit ordinary, but we survived.

I tried cropping the photos but when I want to put them on the blog, they revert back to their original size and shape. Oh well.

Sure looked and felt a bit European to us.

Loved the greenery and the planter boxes (or whatever they're called.)

No traffic on some of the streets... I think.

The ferry cost us just under three bucks each - that is each way. Total of $12 (for 2 people). Less if you're old like we are. Save 20c on each ferry trip.

Le lapin saute - great place for a feed. Service excellent. Warmer reception than in some other parts of Quebec.

Can you see what brand the bike is? Couldn't resist.

Characters in the sky looked great also. Yeah - we enjoyed our short time in this ancient city.
Now back in the States - in Iowa. Next stop is Minnesota! (Saturday & Sunday.)

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