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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Reston, VA to Fairfield CT (or is it CN? Connecticut anyway.) Thanks Rex, Jenny, Ira etc in Reston.

Distance today: 300 miles

Driving time: 6 hrs 53 mins

ave speed 43 mph

consumption 36.2 mpg

fuel put in - 9.27 g @ $3.669/g = $34 (In New Jersey somewhere.)

amount paid in tolls - $31.10 (most expensive bit was crossing George washington Bridge somewhere.... at least it took us 15 mins to cross so we got value for money!!!!)

Highlight: Meeting Margo & Scott at Joppatowne (near Baltimore). They are newly found distant rels! They took us for a spin in their boat... towards Chesapeake Bay. Thanks guys!!!

Lowlight: Traffic and tolls.

BIG DAY TOMORROW. Gotta catch up for lost time. Sleep early tonight.... AFTER HOCKEY GAME FINISHES! (Vancouver Canucks v Boston Bruins.)


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