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Thursday, June 09, 2011


Yes, I'm OK, and so is Rex, our host here in Reston, Virginia. He is quite adept at spotting plates now. There seems to be a whole bunch of "fancy" plates from this state. Here are a few.

Guess this is the shortened form of progress.

Hard to find a lady Ninja these days, but we did eventually.

Do you know about parrotheads? Think they're connected with Jimmy Buffet.

So.... any suggestions? A sporting match? Or this is where the grandkids live? Who knows?

Tea party. Important part of American history.

Good to see the horsey people are in for their fair share. Think you pronounce the plate with a bit of a whinny!

Seeing we're wandering round the nation's capital, I thought I should include this one.
Another day in at Washington DC tomorrow and then we head north towards New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. Yes, a different country even!


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