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Friday, September 16, 2011


Wow! Here we are in Labrador. Labrador can be a dog (see previous post) or it can be a suburb of the Gold Coast. We are staying in Labrador, at Sandcastles on Broadwater. Check it out. We have 2 sleeps here before the team is fully assembled and we head south for the 7 day ride to Sydney. Yep, the Ride4Retina will commence. How did I get mixed up with this lot? It's that Lindy. Guess I promised you a photo.... it might have to be tomorrow. I really yhink I could stay here in my penthouse suite for a week!!! It's pretty comfortable. Wanna join me? Tomorrow I'll be swimming!!!! Cheers folks.
Oh, I forgot. The Forster Bowling Club were departing in a bus about the same time we were departing this morning. Lindy go on the bus and told them a bit about the coming trip. The bowlers opened their wallets to the tune of $62.50. Cool eh? Guess it helped when she told them how good-looking they were.... then she spoilt it by telling them she was blind! Looking forward to staying at Coffs at Bentleigh Motor Inn. Val and Chris have been wonderful. Seeya Monday.


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